Taking a temporary break from my fitness regime

I’ve been wearing a Fitbit for about three years now, which means checking how many steps I’ve done, how many calories I’ve burnt and how many hours I’ve slept has become an integral part of my daily routine.

As a very results-driven person, having a fitbit is amazing for tracking my progress, particularly when I’m running or working out. However, I’ve had a really busy few weeks with work, social events and general Christmas-related stuff!

Usually, I try not to make excuses for missing workouts because I know it’s a lifestyle and I need to incorporate it into a busy routine. However, I feel really guilty about the lack of exercise I’ve been doing recently and found that looking at the Fitbit app/ My Fitness Pal made me feel really down in the dumps.

I got the flu a couple of weeks ago and actually cried because I had to cancel a 10k race. That’s when I realised I was being ridiculous – getting upset about burning less daily calories that the previous month is completely unnecessary! I love running and working out, but sometimes I put too much pressure on myself, which isn’t always healthy.

Like everything in life, you go through peaks and troughs with your workouts, so I decided to take my Fitbit off and stick it in my bedside drawer for a couple of days, which then turned into 10 days. Have I worked out less? Yes, definitely. But I feel so much better mentally and now I’m really glad to be back at the gym, pushing myself again.

During my half marathon training, I really pushed my body further than it’s ever been (literally!) and while it was amazing, it was also really exhausting. People always talk about the importance of rest days, but actually, I just needed a couple of rest weeks and now I feel fantastic.

For me, the break has genuinely given me the boost I needed, so I’m really glad I listened to my body and took some time out. I managed to catch up with most of my friends, do all my Christmas shopping and finish my 2019 reading challenge.

This week, I’ve spent plenty of time eating chocolate and drinking fizz, while also planning a bunch of new workouts and running routes to get my fitness mojo back – now that’s what I call balance!

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