My 2020 Fitness Goals

I know it’s very cliche to set lots of fitness-related goals in January, but there’s something so refreshing and motivating about a new year.

It’s my favourite time to set any long-term goals and I always write a list of the top 10 things I want to achieve that year. These are always really broad, with my 2019 targets ranging from reading 52 books, to decorating my living room and going to Greece. I never really hit all of them, but usually manage 6 or 7, which makes me very proud.

There’s always a running/fitness/weight loss related goal in my top 10 because this is an area of my life where I really want to improve. This year, I’m determined to go much further with my fitness, so thought I’d set some very specific targets, aimed at toning my whole body and improving my physical and mental wellbeing.

1. Get my half-marathon PB time
I’m so proud of myself for completing the Manchester Half Marathon last year (review available here) and absolutely loved it. I’m hoping this will be my first of many, so I’d definitely like to get another in the calendar for 2020. Having a goal to work towards definitely keeps me motivated when running, so I’ll certainly up the training to try and beat my previous time.

2. Manage 5 full push-ups
Despite the fact that I’ve been training quite well for the last year or so, my upper body strength is really weak, to the point where I’ve convinced myself that my body type just isn’t made to do push ups – it’s not possible. I’d love to prove myself wrong and actually be able to complete one properly, so I’m aiming for five before the end of the year. I definitely need to up my strength training and improve my form if I’m going to achieve this though.

3. ‘Bring Sally Up’ leg raise challenge – to be able to complete the whole song
Okay, so I find leg raises SO difficult! I can manage 45 seconds during a HIIT circuit, but any more and I feel like I’m dying. I used to go to a boxing class, where they’d do leg raises to the Bring Sally Up song. My friend, Amy, is amazing and can complete the ENTIRE song without breaking a sweat. That’s the kind of core strength I aspire to have!

4. Complete 50kg weighted squats and 75kg deadlifts
Getting stronger is definitely going to be a key focus for me moving forwards, so I’m determined to up my resistance training with a regular programme. I used to think that working out was all about burning as many calories as possible to create a deficit and lose weight. Since then, I’ve learned that being fit and healthy is about so much more, so I really want to tone my body and feel great for it.

5. Practice self-love
Possibly the most important target for me. I’m very critical of myself, especially when it comes to fitness, so this is something I need to practice every day in 2020 by being kinder to myself.

I think I’ll look back on 2019 as the year I learned to run properly and really enjoy it, so I’m hoping that 2020 will be similar with strength training.

Have you got any top tips on how to approach any of my goals? I’m just looking for baby steps at this point, but anything I can do to start improving would be super helpful!

2 thoughts on “My 2020 Fitness Goals

  1. These are incredible goals! I’ve also started working out again after months of not.
    My upper body strength is weak as well, so I feel you on the pushups.
    You’re definitely right about working out being about more than burning calories. I started thinking that as well until I started weight training. It’s so much more satisfying than running or biking for hours on end.

    Good luck!!!


    1. Thank you and well done on starting to work out again – getting back into it is always the hardest part. Upper body strength is definitely going to be a core focus for me this year – hopefully I can tone up and notice a real difference, rather than letting the scales dictate. Good luck with your training xx

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