The power of the paperback

In 2020, we’re extremely lucky that reading is so accessible. There are several different ways to enjoy a good book and I’ve tried them all – paperbacks, hardbacks, audiobooks, kindles, Epub files etc.

In a world that’s becoming increasingly digital, there’s honestly nothing I love more than curling up on my sofa with a good paperback. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I probably spend 80% of my time looking at various different screens, whether it be my computer screen at work, my phone or the TV.

Reading is one of the only times I genuinely switch off from technology completely (more often than not, I put my phone on the do not disturb setting), which is why I made the decision a few years back to get rid of my kindle.

For me, physical copies of books, more specifically paperbacks, will always be my preference and here’s my top 10 reasons why!

  1. The smellThere’s nothing better than the smell of a fresh paperback. It’s one of the many reasons I spend so much time in bookstores.

  2. They’re small enough to carry everywhereHardbacks are okay, but can be a pain to carry around, especially when you have a small bag. Paperbacks take up minimal room, meaning you can always have one with you.

  3. You can pick them up on the cheapI always find that hardbacks can prove quite expensive, but there’s so many cost-effective ways to pick up paperbacks – charity shops, book swaps with friends and even those book stands you find in local supermarkets.

  4. They look great in photos#bookstagram anyone? Possibly my favourite ever way to discover new books and I personally think paperbacks look the prettiest in pictures.

  5. You can donate them to charityOkay, so this applies to hardbacks too, but physical copies of books can be passed on whereas digital ones can’t. Enjoying a good book before donating it to raise money for a good cause – what could be better?

  6. Conditions of books mattersBooks are meant to be enjoyed, so I love nothing better than seeing one that’s clearly been well read. I’m talking creased corners, broken spines and sticky notes everywhere. Never trust somebody’s opinion on a book that looks like it’s never been touched – it probably hasn’t.

  7. People are less likely to steal a bookThe average price of a paperback is around £6, so it’s unlikely anybody will want to steal one when it’s poking out of your bag on the train. You can’t guarantee the same with a kindle though!

  8. They make great gifts – I’m totally biased but there’s nothing better than unwrapping a book at Christmas/ on your birthday. Paperbacks are also an ideal size and shape for wrapping, and make great stocking fillers.

  9. They can be passed on with easeThe best stories should always be shared and paperbacks are so easy to pass onto friends, relatives and any other bookworms to enjoy.

  10. Full bookshelvesBecause there’s nothing more aesthetically pleasing than a full bookshelf in your house, right?

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